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As organizations around the world strive to improve the quality of their processes while managing their bottom lines, Business Process Outsourcing has become the new imperative.

We, at SBS Communications provide a global BPO service delivery capability. SBS Communications’s capabilities span the following three categories:

Simple Mechanical Processes

This category includes simple, repetitive, and mechanical tasks (e.g. entering data from an insurance claim form). In the hierarchy of services, these types of processes require the lowest level of skills.

Rule Based Processes

This category includes more complex tasks that involve decisions based on a standard set of rules. For example, the process of weeding out e-commerce transactions for potential fraud is a rule based process.

Decision Based Processes

The most complex process is one where the agents have to make decisions that are based on judgment and cannot be codified completely with rules (e.g. adjudication of insurance claims). In these processes agents make decisions that typically have financial implications; the agents require domain knowledge and intense training.