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SBS Communications believes in delivering the highest level of quality to our customers. We use a five-step quality system:

Define and communicate goals
The level of quality to be delivered to customers is defined by Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). This is communicated to every member of the team responsible for execution.

Train the team
SBS Communications has a well-defined training program with a generic component and a campaign specific training program.

Monitor performance
SBS Communications uses both live monitoring and digital recording reviews to spot errors, take corrective actions and improve performance. A QC team conducts the first review followed sometimes by a second review by the Audit team

Provide feedback
All agents and supervisors are given feedback on a weekly basis (or more frequently if needed), about their performance against expected goals. The feedback process includes one-on-one sessions and group sessions.

Retrain the team members
The operations management team identifies specific training needs for the agents based on joint review and analysis with the QC and Audit teams. If required, agents are put into retraining programs and the weak agents are monitored closely to ensure performance is improved.